South korea ~ jeju light art flash(제주 라프 별빛축제)

Jeju is famous travel spot in south korea. It is a little island but in the middle of it, There is s han-la mountain. Fantastic Nature is waiting for you. But because of it, There is nothing special to do at night, especially in the night.   Address: 제주도 제주시 조천읍 선교로 115-1(Jeju-si Jocheon-eup Sun […]

아모레퍼시픽 신사옥(Amorepacific HQ.)

Located in Yongsan, Seoul, the new headquarters building was designed by world-renowned British architect David Chipperfield. Chipperfield was inspired by the white porcelain moon jar that carries an understated beauty without any fancy technique applied, while giving a comfortable and rich feeling. He represented the new headquarters building as a big moon jar in an […]

Architecture Magazine in Korea_VM space The publisher (SPACE Group)is one of the famous architecture company in korea. it is founded in 1960. After Korean-War,  the country has developed from one of Asia’s poorest to one of the world’s wealthies nations. (Economy,Architecture,Education have expanded dramatically.) And over the years, SPACE Group has received great support and attention from governmental, industrial and individual clients successfully carrying […]

Media Facade at Myeongdong Cathedral

Myeongdong Cathedral Media Facade Festival, 2018 July A quite Place in Busy Area-Myung dong ! The media show was an event held for the 120th anniversary of the Myung dong cathedral church.  This elegant cathedral was the first Gothic style church in Korea to be constructed of brick. A nice landscape surrounding the holy building in […]

Lighting Design Studio

KOREA 1. 디자인스튜디오라인 2. 이온에스엘디(EONSLD) 3.  P2LEDCUBE 4. 유엘피 5. 라이팅스튜디오 SAAD 6. 비츠로앤파트너스   LONDONG 1.

제주 라프(Light Art Festa), Bruce Munro’s Art work in Jeju !

  when 27th July ~ 24th October Where 제주시 조천읍 선교로 115-1 (다희연)   제주 라프(Light Art Festa) 27일 개장…조천읍 10만㎡에 대형 조명 예술품 설치 ‘판타스틱’ 10만㎡(3만여평)에 달하는 제주 야외 공간이 화려한 조명예술 전시장으로 변신한다. 제주관광공사, (주)아트플레쉬가 주최하는 <제1회 제주 라프>가 7월 27일부터 10월 24일까지 제주시 조천읍 선교로 115-1 일대에서 열린다. 라프(LAF)는 ‘Light Art Festa’의 준말로, 국제적으로 […]

제주 봄 펜션-Hotel in Jeju island which is hosted by Lighting Artist

“여행하다가 우연하게 발견한 곳, 그래서 나만 알고 싶은 장소들이 있다.” 제주서귀포시에 위치한 제주 봄 스테이가 바로 그런곳. 펜션의 주인이신 설치미술가 박충흠 작가와 김호독 작가의 작품이 전시되어있고, 박충흠 작가님이 펜션에 머무는 시기와  맞아떨어진다면 직접 작품설명도 해주신다.   수백 수천개의 동판을 두드리고 용접하여 만들어낸  빛의 조각들이 공간을 가득메우고, 우리들과  작가님만 있는 공간에서 오로지 전시에 집중함으로써 온전한 쉼을 경험할 […]